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Great customer care and prompt delivery of fair-priced products. Paddy took my concerns seriously and made sure I got what I needed to finish building my one-of-a-kind salt spa wall. Thanks!

Evie Brindelwein

My husband needed several (100) bricks to make a wall for is sauna. The team at Pink Salt Wall helped make sure my husband got everything he needed

Danielle Kerzman

Ordered 30. Blocks arrived in tact. Not a broken one in the three boxes that were delivered. Blocks are nice colors and very high quality. I cut them in half using a 10” carbide tipped mitre saw. Glued them to a homemade light box with Loctite crystal clear adhesive. Worked very well.

Scott E. Montoya

I purchased 30 bricks from the seller and I want to purchase 50 more bricks for my infrared sauna. The bricks in the sauna cause a process to occur that mineralizes the salt in the air. Infrared + Himalayan Salt Himalayan pink salt is a kind of salt crystal mined directly from the Himalayan Mountains and cannot be found anywhere else in the world and it is amazing.

Val Horn

These salt bricks were perfect and the size was exact. They were sealed and pkg great and arrived when expected. I will order from this company

Debbie Yates

Fast n Easy, Great Seller, Highly Recommended.👍"

Big E Photography

"The salt tiles from PSW are excellent quality. I used all the sizes they offer to create my own mosaic wall with the different shapes. The salt colors and variety are quite good. I would highly recommend using PSW for your pink salt projects."

Matthew D.

"I placed a new order for Saltite. I´m very happy with this kind of adhesive, it is very strong. I´m 50% ready with my salt chamber."

Fatih Akcicek

"I got Himalayan Salt Candle Holders for retail, from (Pink Salt Wall) they are beautiful, people loves them. The Salt Lamps are gorgeous! ( Baseball Himalayan Salt Lamp, Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl, etc.) Himalayan Salt Bricks for Detox, so essential. Recommended Wholesaler."

Adriana L.

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Nice quality!

The tiles are very nice looking! And packaged very well!Nice quality!

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Nice quality and Safe Shipping!

The bricks are very good looking! And packaged very well! Fast and Safe shipping

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Excellent product

Exactly what I was looking for, best deal i found. Ridiculously quick shipping. A+

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The salt bricks were shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. They were exactly what I was expecting!

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Salt wall adhesive

Awesome product and service!! The transparent glue is perfect for flying the salt tiles together. I had tried using liquid nail but you can see the joints so this clear solution worked out perfect!
Will definitely use again for my next project when I need to glue salt tiles together.

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Amazing products

Great job experience. Received item way faster than expected

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