Pink Himalayan Salt Bricks - Pink Salt Wall

SaltWall-40 (200 Himalayan Salt Bricks and 7 Salt Adhesives)

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  • This megapack contains 200 bricks made of pure Himalayan pink salt and 7 salt adhesives.
  • It is exclusively designed for experts as well as people having zero construction experience to build a customized 40 square feet salt wall. 
  • The salt adhesive comes with a user-friendly nozzle which makes it super easy to build a salt wall without any mess. 
  • The construction of the Himalayan pink salt wall has been a budding trend in the interiors of homes, offices, spas, etc. especially owned by lovers of all things holistic. 
  • The salt wall has countless health and environmental benefits. 
  • The salty air produced by the salt wall acts as saline spray and clears the airways for better breathing conditions. 
  • It also prevents harmful disease-causing particles to make into the lungs and cause various respiratory disorders. 
  • It also improves the overall ventilation system.
  • The salt wall purifies the air by filtering out harmful substances, pet dander, mold, dust, etc. from the atmosphere.
  • It looks stunning as the salt bricks let the backlight pass through them and create an enchanting incandescent effect. 
  • It is extremely durable and requires very little care. 
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