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Rubella - Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp - 6"

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  • Rubella is a stunning salt lamp made by shaping a huge chunk of pure Himalayan salt. 
  • It comes with a user-friendly wooden stand for better placement. 
  • It is not a typical lamp as it hosts an array of health and environmental benefits. 
  • Its warm amber glow gives an enchanting yet healthy look to the entire space.
  • It has the ability to emit negative ions in the surroundings which kill the disease-causing stranded bacteria and prevent it from growing again. 
  • Those negative ions also prevent any harmful particles from making in the lungs and causing flu and the common cold. 
  • It filters harmful particles, mold, toxins, dust, pet dander, etc. from the air and makes it fit for breathing. 
  • It relieves allergy symptoms of all kinds by its ability to clear the airways. 
  • It boosts up the melatonin hormone in the body which alternatively improves sleep patterns. 
  • It is extremely durable and requires relatively less care. 
  • The Dimensions of Rubella are Height 6" x Diameter 4".
  • It weighs just 5 Pounds.