Salt Bricks for Walls - Pack of 70 -Pink Salt Wall

Pink Salt Bricks - Pack of 70

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  • This megapack contains 70 finely made pure Himalayan salt bricks. 
  • This pack is ideal for customized home improvements and DIY projects. 
  • The salty air produced by salt bricks improves overall sleep patterns, breathing conditions, balances pH levels, fights off allergies, and much more.
  • Thus, they are majorly used to make therapeutic salt rooms for treating various diseases through Speleotherapy.
  • Speleotherapy is the characteristic elective treatment that uses the extraordinary properties of the Himalayan salt to cure various respiratory and skin-related issues. 
  • Their stunning color scheme and marble texture also make them fit to make fancy entrances, fireplaces, main walls, kitchen interior, and others.
  • Each brick has the dimensions of 8” (L) x 4” (W) x 2” (H) 
  • The net weight of each brick is 5.5 pounds, 
  •  The total weight of this whole pack is 385.0 pounds.