Round cooking block - Pink Salt Wall

Himalayan Salt Round Cooking Block - Plate

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  • Himalayan salt round-shaped cooking block - Plate is made of pure Himalayan pink salt and is perfect for cooking and serving various dishes. 
  • The round-shaped cooking plate is the latest addition to the salt plates’ family to give endless baking opportunities. 
  • It is used to grill and bake various dishes and also acts as a fancy platter to serve hot and cold dishes. 
  • Himalayan salt contains 84 plus mineral contents including iron, calcium, phosphorus, etc. which makes the food being cooked on salt slab highly minerals enriched.
  • The food also gets all the healing properties of the Himalayan salt. 
  • The salt cooking block has excellent heat distribution property which automatically reduces cooking time. 
  • It makes the food especially steaks juicier by penetrating into the meat tissues and locking the moisture up. 
  • It reduces the risk of food poisoning and helps in curing indigestion. 
  • It’s super durable and can be used again and again. 
  • It can easily be cleaned by using a damp sponge for further usage. 
  • It has incredibly user-friendly dimensions of 8” diameter and 1” height.